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4K Resolutions

The eShelf Retail Display

Dramatically improve the way you sell 

Advanced shelf-edge display systems that are used to display product pricing and information.

Perfect for supermarkets, liquor stores, clothing stores, and other retail applications.

Improve shopping experiences

Designed especially for commercial environments the eShelf is small form ultra-bright 500-1000 NIT screen that can be used to take your in-store product advertising and communications to the next level. From displaying engaging commercials and videos to spotlighting pricing, content management is quick and easy using the built-in WiFi.
  • Slimline modern design

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Anti-glare screen

  • Low operating temperature


Grab attention and spotlight your highest margin items! 

Using the eShelf simultaneously display videos, media slideshows, scrolling tickers,
RSS feeds, live content, social media streams, and more!
Technical Specs

Comes With Specs You Need 

Preloaded with a special firmware that is optimized to run NoviSign


Built-in Android media player


12V DC - 24V DC


500-1000 NITS


1080P up-to 4K


23.2" W x 2" H


WiFi 2.4GZ or Ethernet

Integrated Front Edge Mounting (optional)

Using our specially designed all-in-one modular Shelf Tag 2, users can seamlessly install the eShelf. It easily fits or clips over the edge of retail shelves. The Shelf Tag 2 comes optionally with an integrated lighting fixture illuminating the shelf below up to 2’ high and 2’ deep"


The Shelf Tag 2 mounting rail includes:

  • ​​Shelf tag strip

  • Mounting clips and brackets for eShelf

  • Power track for plug and play power

  • LED strip


Shelf Tag 2.png

Easy Plug & Play Set-Up

Easy Plug & Play Set-Up

White Logo Novisign.png

Manage content from anywhere!

Using NoviSign's cloud-based digital signage software user's can remotely create, edit, and manage the information the is being displayed on eShelf. From any computer, at any time users can quickly design and send media to the eShelf.

  • Display videos, images, scrolling tickers, and product details

  • Preschedule your content to auto-update on specific dates

  • Control one or thousands of eShelf displays from anywhere


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